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Dates and services are impacted by the train and tube strikes.

Dates and services are impacted by the train and tube strikes.

Train strikes

This month, THOUSANDS of employees around the nation plan to strike.

What you need to know about this week's anticipated service outage is provided below.

In October, which services will go on strike?

Following months of strike disruption, more walkouts are scheduled for October across all modes of transport, including the NHS, national rail and the London Underground.

train crashes

The Aslef union has scheduled rail strikes for Wednesday, October 4, when train drivers will go on strike and interrupt thousands of trips all throughout the nation. 

Additionally, the union has prohibited drivers from working overtime from Monday, October 2 through Friday, October 6, disrupting travel all throughout the week. 

Due to the Aslef union members' strikes, fewer than half of the trains will operate. 

These widespread strikes are the most recent in a protracted salary dispute that started in June 2022.

On October 4, drivers at 13 businesses will strike:

West Midlands Trains

Avanti West Coast

East Midlands Railway


Chiltern Railways

TransPennine Express


Northern Trains

London Overground

Great Western Railway

Greater Anglia


Hull Trains

The strike has no impact on Transport for Wales or ScotRail.

Unrest on the London Underground

This week, the RMT union's members will go on strike on October 4 and October 6, which will have an impact on the London Tube service. 

As a result of the RMT union's action, there will be further disruptions for travellers in the city.

The RMT does not simply represent drivers but also station employees and guards from other industries.

The days after the strikes will also have a negative impact on the Tube, according to Transport for London. 

The strikes won't disrupt the DLR, Elizabeth Line, Overground or tram services, although they will probably be significantly busier than normal. 

The hotel industry has now lost £3.5 billion in sales as a result of the ongoing rail strikes, according to UKHospitality, which is pleading with all sides to come to an agreement.

an NHS strike

This week, the British Medical Association (BMA) union's junior physicians and consultants will go on strike for 72 hours, from 7 a.m. on Monday, October 2, to 7 a.m. on Thursday, October 5.

The walkout is being called because union leaders want junior physicians to receive a 35% salary hike as part of an ongoing wage battle.  

On Tuesday, October 3, radiographers who are Society of Radiographers union members will join the walkout. 

For the duration of the strike, patients will experience severe service disruptions, according to NHS England. 

According to NHS England, normal medical services will come to a "near standstill."

However, there will be coverage on Christmas Day, so emergency treatment will still be available. 

This latest wave of NHS walkouts comes after NHS England reported that the number of appointments cancelled as a result of the 11-month strike action had topped 1 million.

In England, there are currently a record 7.7 million individuals on medical waiting lists.

Ministers claim that attempts to reduce the backlog, which was 6.8 million a year ago, have been thwarted by physicians' strikes.

Will the Elizabeth line be impacted by the rail strikes in October? 

There aren't any confirmed strikes on the Elizabeth line, according to TfL, but on days when there are tube strikes, the core portion of the route may be subject to unforeseen adjustments, including non-stopping at stations in central London. At Paddington, Liverpool Street, or Whitechapel, riders may need to disembark in order to continue their journey using another mode of transportation. 

What about the prohibition on overtime? 

The Elizabeth line is not anticipated to be impacted by the ASLEF overtime ban. 

When will there be another train and tube strike? 

On Wednesday, October 4, and Friday, October 6, there are tube strikes. 

How long will the labour dispute last?

There will be up to a week's worth of strike action if you count the train strikes and the prohibition on overtime. On October 7, hopefully, everything will be back to normal. 

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