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Game between Ajax and RKC was halted after the goalie was knocked out

 Game between Ajax and RKC was halted after the goalie was knocked out

Game between Ajax and RKC

Saturday's Dutch league away match between Ajax Amsterdam and RKC Waalwijk was called off in the 84th minute when RKC goalie Etienne Vaessen was struck by an opponent and rendered unconscious.

When Vaessen was knocked out following a collision with Ajax player Brian Brobbey, his teammates reacted in a panic and urgently screamed for assistance.

A defibrillator was hurried onto the field as players from both teams watched with tears in their eyes. Screens were put up around the goalie to conceal him from the public sight.

Vaessen lost consciousness and remained still on the field for some minutes before being taken away on a stretcher. Both teams walked inside, where decisions were made, and the game was abandoned.

About an hour after the event, RKC director Frank van Mosselveld informed television NOS that Etienne had been knocked out for a time.

Our medical personnel immediately began reanimating him, but it appears that there was no cardiac issue. When he exited the pitch, he was awake once again but had no idea where he was.

Vaessen, 28, was reportedly sent to the hospital by ambulance, according to ESPN Netherlands.

When the game was paused, Ajax was up 3-2. RKC's players, according to Van Mosselveld, were not fit to continue the match.

The players close to the incident were broken," he said to ESPN Netherlands. "Right there on the field, they broke. Once they were inside, other players started crying. You can picture the effects.

"We gathered everyone, and quickly determined that there was no way to continue the game, together with our captain Michiel Kramer.

He has a lot of pride in his doctor. He has a lot of pride in the paramedics. Work has been done in a very definite manner, the ESPN reporter stated. When it was discovered that it wasn't the heart, the paramedics took over. They asked the correct questions and supported his head and neck.

Frank, though, was unable to comment at the time. In the following two hours, the neurologist will review those scans; we'll just have to wait and see. Kraay claims that things are already looking far better than they did on the pitch at first. "Much better," Following the game, RKC Waalwijk informed their supporters that Vaessen was awake when he was taken to the hospital.

Following our update last night, we can report that our custodian Etienne Vaessen had a good night and has maintained his rehabilitation, the team said in a fresh statement they released on Sunday. For the time being, Etienne needs to be permitted to heal in quiet during the next several hours and days. Therefore, we kindly request that you allow him and his family the necessary time and relaxation.

We wish Etienne and everyone around him much strength on behalf of everyone at RKC Waalwijk. We anticipate seeing him back at the club shortly. The Breda native has played his whole career with the team, which is now 12th in the Eredivisie, one point and two spots ahead of Ajax.

Vaessen was aware once again at that moment, but as I was speaking with the officials, our captain approached me to report that the players were too upset to continue playing.


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